Thank you!

The Network SYV is Now Closed


Dear Network SYV Family & Friends,

It is with a tender heart that I share the bittersweet news that The Network SYV closed its doors on July 31st, 2018. I am so humbled and beyond proud of our little coworking space’s nearly 5 year run, but alas this wonderful chapter has come to an end…

When I moved back to the Santa Ynez Valley in 2013, I had no idea what my life or career path had in store. All I knew was that I needed and wanted a place to create, to work, to build community, to host gatherings, and to bring people and ideas together…I had a suspicion that others might want that too. I soon happened upon this too-perfect space right in the heart of Santa Ynez, and without much of a plan but a lot of ideas – The Network SYV was born!

Over the years, I poured a lot of inspiration, some sweat, a little money, and a lot of willingness to “figure it out as I went along” into our little space. We attracted fellow heart-centered creatives, entrepreneurs, and built a pretty incredible community. We became the “hub” of community, creativity, and collaboration that I had dared to dream of…and I am so grateful for the gift of this experience!

Thank you for helping us make this place, and this community, a reality – and please stay connected!


In gratitude,


~Claudia MirĂ³

Founder, The Network SYV